Youth Advisory Board Survey

Thank you for your interest in this survey. We want to set up a group of young people who will tell us about their opinions, ideas and life experiences to help us to better understand what young people want and need from the Police. We want this group to include young people with lots of different experiences, opinions and ideas.

The survey should take a maximum of 10 minutes to complete. You don’t need to tell us your name or any personal information, but if you are interested in being part of the group in the future, you can give us your contact details at the end. This is optional, and no other personal information is collected.

Part One - About the Group
Q1 How important is it that the Youth Advisory Group does the following?
  Very important   Fairly important   Not very important   Not at all important   Don't know  
  Influence how the police work with children and young people          
  Influence what kinds of issues the police focus on          
  Get the views and opinions of other young people (as well as those in the group)          
  Help the police to recruit new officers and staff          
  Feed into the way the police train their staff and officers          
  Learn more about how the police work and what they do          
Q2 How do you think the group should meet?
Q3 And what size group would you prefer?
Q4 How comfortable or uncomfortable would you feel about each of the following?
  Very comfortable   Fairly comfortable   Not very comfortable   Not at all comfortable   Don't know  
  Giving honest opinions and views about Devon & Corwnall Police to the police directly          
  Giving honest opinions and views about the police to someone not directly linked to the Police, such as a Youth Worker or Independent Group Leader          
Part 2 - About You
Q5 Would you be interested in being part of the Youth Advisory Group (you can always change your mind later)?
Q6 What would be the main reasons you’d like to be part of this group? Please select a MAXIMUM of three:
Q8 What might make it hard for young people to be part of this group? PLEASE SELECT ALL THAT APPLY
Q9 How do you currently learn about the Police, and what they are doing? Please select all that apply:
Q10 How could the Police advertise the group and encourage young people to be part of it?
Q13 Are you interested in being part of the Youth Advisory Group when it’s been set up?
Q14 Are you currently under 18?
So that we can contact you about involvement in the Group, please can you provide your contact details. This information will be securely stored with Devon and Cornwall Police and will not be shared with any other organisations or agencies
Q18 As you are Under 18, please can you let us know whether your parents or carers give consent to us contacting you in the future about the group? Please note, if they don’t at this time, we won’t be able to contact you about these opportunities directly.
Thank you for taking part in this survey. Please hit submit to finish.  
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