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Devon and Cornwall Police Victim of Crime Survey 2017/18

It is important to Devon and Cornwall Police to understand how you felt about the service you received, to help them improve their service. This questionnaire takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Everything you say will be treated in confidence.  
You must be over the age of 16 to complete this questionnaire.

Q1 Please select the type of crime you wish to review in this questionnaire
Q2 Have you been the victim of any other crime in the last 12 months? (Apart from this incident)

Please think about the 'Q1' in your responses to the following questions

Q3 Did you contact the police about this incident yourself?
Q4 How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with how easy it was to contact someone who could assist you?
Q6 After you had reported the details was your incident dealt with?
Q7 Were you told when you reported the incident, that someone would visit you?
Q8 How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the time it took for the police to arrive?
Q10 Did you have contact from the Victim Care Unit?
Q11 Did the Victim Care Unit staff you had contact with...
  Yes   No   N/A   Don't know  
  Communicate clearly?        

  Treat you with respect?        

  Take account of your personal circumstances?        

  Have a polite manner?        

  Give you details about support?        
Q12 Thinking about the services provided by the Victim Care Unit. Overall how helpful or unhelpful were they to you in coping and recovering from the effects of this crime?
Q13 Please think about what the police did once they had been given the initial details.  This could have been over any means of contact. If you had any contact with more than one member of staff, please give your overall impression of what they did                                                                                            
Did they .......
  Yes   No   N/A   Don't know  
  Appear to know what they were doing?        

  Explain what was going to happen and why?        

  Make you feel reassured?        

  Give practical help?        

  Give you a crime or reference number?        

  Give you contact details for someone who would be dealing with your case?        

  Explain your details would be provided to Victim Services?        

  Offer advice?        

  Investigate the scene of the crime/incident?        
Q14 Thinking about what the police did after they had been given the initial details, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the actions taken by the police?
Q16 How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with what the police have done to date to investigate your crime?
Q18 How often were you updated on the details of your case?
Q19 Did you have to ask for updates or were they provided without asking?
Q20 How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with how well you were kept informed of progress?
Q22 Now thinking about the attitude and manner of the police officers and other police staff you had contact with, (clarify - if more than one person involved, please give an overall impression)
Do you think they...
  Yes   No   N/A   Don't know  
  Listened carefully to what you had to say?        

  Took the matter seriously?        

  Communicated clearly with you?        

  Were polite?        

  Took account of your personal circumstances?        

  Were sympathetic?        

  Were fair in the way they dealt with you?        

  Treated you with respect?        
Q23 How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the way you were treated by the police officers and staff who dealt with you?
Q25 Prior to this experience was your overall opinion of the Police
Q26 As a result of your contact with the police on this occasion, do you have
Q27 Are you aware of the current status of your case?
Q28 Taking the whole experience into account, How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the service provided by the police in this case?
Q31 Finally, a couple of questions about yourself. Please select the options that describes you. If you prefer not to say you can record that instead.

(These questions are standard practise for analysis purposes, used to ensure we have taken individual characteristics into account when reviewing our service. It allows us to identify areas for training and service improvements. You do not have to answer these questions)

Your gender?
Q32 What age were you on your last birthday?
Q33 What is your ethnic group?                                                                                        
Q34 Do you have a disability?
(Are your day to day activities limited because of a health problem or disability which has lasted, or is expected to last, at least 12 months?)
Q35 Please describe the nature of your disability
Q36 Do you consider yourself to be?
Q37 Devon and Cornwall Police is keen to improve the service it provides.  Do you consent to your comments being passed to Devon and Cornwall Police in order that they may contact you and address any issues that you may have raised?

Your reference number for this questionnaire is Q0a

The results from this research are available on our website. You can report incidents of a non-urgent nature and make enquiries through our website. The website address is: www.dc.police.uk

You can also contact the police in a non-emergency situation by phone on 101 or email: 101@dc.police.uk    

Thank you very much for your time and help in completing this questionnaire today

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