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Outcome Survey for victims of crime


Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It will only take a few minutes but will help us understand the level of service and to monitor how effective the support services are in helping people cope and recover from the impact of crime.

(skip this question if you were not referred by the victim care unit and go to question 3)

Before you were referred to us, how would you rate the service you got from the victim care unit?
When you were referred to this organisation by the victim care unit, did you fully understand how the organisation might be able to help you?
Do you feel you were referred to the appropriate organisation for the support you needed?
You are probably now ending the support you have had from this organisation. To what extent do you feel they have helped you cope and recover from the impact of the crime you have experienced?
Has the organisation helped you with any of the following? (Please tick any that you feel apply to you. You can tick as many as you like).
Overall, how satisfied, dissatisfied or neither were you with the service provided by this organisation?
We might wish to contact you to understand more details about your experience of support. Do you consent to us contacting you further?
Thank you for filling this survey in. Your information will be treated sensitively, kept anonymous and in accordance with the terms of data protection legislation. It will also be treated with strict confidentiality and will only be viewed by the commissioning and performance team of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner and the performance and analysis department of Devon and Cornwall Police. When producing statistics, records are accessed by reference number rather than by name to safeguard privacy.

If you have any further questions about the form or the monitoring process, please contact the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner on 01392 225555.  
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