Devon & Cornwall Constabulary Online Crime Reporting

Welcome to the Non-Emergency Crime Reporter

This service is only to be used to report some types of crime in the Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly area. A list of other United Kingdom police forces can be found here.

  • If you use this service, the information will be sent to a police investigator but the notification may not be read immediately.
  • It is important that you provide full details of how we can contact you.
  • If you are available, we will contact you within the next 2 working days.

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In an emergency always dial 999

When not to use this service

The Police service is ready to help you with trained call operators available 24 hours a day. It is important that you do not use this service but contact us straight away if:

  • The crime is life threatening
  • The crime is happening now
  • The offender is still there or nearby
  • Evidence has been left at the scene

If any of the above apply or you think that by speaking to us immediately it would help us solve the crime, click here to contact us directly.

When to use this service

Please use this service only to tell us about the types of crime shown below.

  • Theft
  • Criminal damage or vandalism
  • Theft from a motor vehicle
  • Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents (crimes motivated or aggravated by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability)

Note: If you want to tell us about anything else, please do not use this service, but contact us directly

Please note that you have up to 20 minutes to fill in each page. After this, your session will time out and you may need to re-enter some or all of your information.

In an emergency always dial 999